Time and again, postcards have proven themselves to be a fantastic return on investment. HFM Publications offers two kinds of postcards to meet your needs: Direct Mail (DM) and DAL.

Dal Cards
Dal cards: as little as 18¢ each.

Call Brian Fox at (614) 619-3977 to discuss how they can work for you

DAL Postcards

DAL (Detached Address Label) is a type of postcard mailing where the card acts as a mailing label for another piece of mail such as a magazine or calendar.  Because two separate pieces of mail are being mass-mailed at the same time to the same addresses, the postage is substantially discounted – a savings we pass on to our customer.

Regular DM Postcards
Direct mail can be customized to fit any need.

Call Brian Fox at (614) 619-3977 to see how.

Direct Mail postcards

Regular direct mail postcards are printed full color front and back and offer you the opportunity to reach both businesses and residents in as small or as large of an area as you wish. Pricing depends on the size of card and number of addresses mailed.  Call for a quote today.